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Javelin water (Sodium hypochlorite solution)

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Javelin (also known as whitening fluid and Vitex) with scientific name known as sodium hypochlorite as a bleaching and disinfecting fluid. The antiseptic properties of bleach are due to the production of free chlorine. It is made by blowing chlorine gas into a solution of sodium hydroxide. This alkaline substance is very corrosive and it causes irritation, redness and severe inflammation , in case of contact with the skin. Javelin water usually contains 10 to 16 % by mass of sodium hypochlorite. One of the most common methods of preparing bleach is the reaction of chlorine gas with sodium hydroxide solution. It is unstable to light and heat and decomposes rapidly. Javelin water has a high oxidizing power and is a good option for removing contaminants. This liquid is used in other cases such as disinfecting water and sewage, preventing bacterial infections and dissolving dead tooth tissue, and treating skin damage.


1L, 2.5L

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